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Monsoons and Moving

So it’s monsoon season here in the desert Southwest. For those not familiar, it means that we get a pretty decent rain every afternoon more or less. Sometimes it just seems to rain around us due to the rain shadow effect that Mount Graham has. Not gonna lie, its pretty awesome. Usually lightening is involved and you get a ton of rain in a short time.

The best part is that it cools it all down. Not unusual to see a 20 degree drop in temperature in a short amount of time.

However, I’m heading up the the Tacoma area this Saturday to spend some time with family. I’m looking forward to that immensely. Haven’t seen them in about 6 years. It’s way over due.



So we lived in Texas for close to 2 years. The San Antonio area more specifically. Loved it. Loved the people, the landscape and the barbecue. Since we have lived most of the last decade in Safford, a really small desert town in the middle of nowhere, and yes, it was by choice. Nashville (oh yeah, we lived there for a year before Texas) and San Antonio were really jarring for us culturally. Nashville, the home of country music, reminded me more of Los Angeles than anywhere else. Not in a bad way, just sort of frentic and all about seeing and being seen.

My wife and I like that in a small town you can go into a store, even, er, especially Walmart and you are going to see some you know. Like Cheers. but I don’t drink beer and don’t weight as much as Norm.  But they do know my name.