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Sharing My Experiences

So for several years I’ve been fascinated by the entire culture of making money online. I’ve bought several courses. I taken several workshops. I’ve talked to people who are making a full time living doing “non traditional” work either online or around something online.

It occurs to me that I’ve got enough experience now with most of this that it is time that I start sharing my hard won knowledge with others so that can avoid the mistakes I’ve made and hopefully learn from them.  I don’t have any amazing numbers in my PayPal account to show you. I don’t have any magic bullets or anything like that to share. However, I’ve looked at a lot of what is out there with a critical eye. I think that I’ve gotten good at spotting the bullshit and what is actually good advice.

I’m going to be starting a series where I will go over many of the courses and things that I’ve tried and give some feedback on it. However, unlike a review site, this is going to be written from the point of view of someone who has taken these things out for a test drive and done more than just kick the tires.

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