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Derek Kruger

Professional Geek.

Nerdy by Nature.

I'm an IT manager and sysadmin in Thatcher, Arizona. I am a hands on technology leader with an emphasis on using Windows and Azure to solve business needs.

I made a thing. Or two,

My GitHub

Many of my PowerShell scripts are housed here. Mostly SysAdmin focused, because, that's what I do. Email and DNS and SSL Certs, oh my!

Listen to the Podcast

The Common Misconceptions Podcast. Where I wax rhapsodic and let my creative juices flow. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, apropos of nothing. It's a good time though.

My Journey

2014 - Present

Network Manager – As the IT manager for an international label printing company, I have aligned the IT department to the overall company’s goals and objectives. Taking advantage of our small size, I have been able to leverage our ability to be nimble and make rapid changes when the business calls for it. We are further working to automate as much as makes sense to align with DevOps principles. I have implemented KPIs to make sure we stay focused on the main value streams and that the IT department stays focused on delivering a stable infrastructure to run the business through a team of consultants, contractors and vendors to allow us to deliver services that are normally only available from much larger shops.

2012 - 2014

Windows Systems Administrator II – Level 2 Windows systems administrator. Supported production websites for fortune 500 companies including front end IIS clusters and backend SQL clusters and the Windows OS as needed. Worked with account executives to design and implement cloud-based solutions during presales consults with clients.

2011 - 2012

Senior Systems Consultant  Windows consultant for an 11,000-user multi Active Directory Domain and Exchange Server integration project over 40 sites in 19 states. Managed on-site vendors during length of project and helped document and systematize the process, leading to 50% faster implementation. Using out of the box software, we saved over $150,000 per year on backup spend.

2005 - 2011

IT and Communications Supervisor – Managed City IT team and network and was accountable for $1 million annual budget. Led team of 3 FTEs, 2 techs and one department admin. Firsthand support of all IT systems. Worked with other department heads to determine long term technical growth and strategy.

My Contact Info.

Are you looking for a Windows Expert with:
•20 Years of Windows Admin Experience?
•Knowledge of the best practices and extensive hands on experience with Active Directory and Azure?
•Ability effectively communicate technical details in an understandable and approachable manner?
•Over 20 years of System Administration over every Windows OS?
If so, then you need look no further.